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Black Sabbath Drummer Bill Ward’s Gear Can Be Yours (for a Price)

He'll be selling a six-piece Super Zyn cymbal set used in the Black Sabbath and Paranoid sessions and tours, a Ludwig Speedking kick drum pedal dating back to the 1970s, over 150 s
bill ward

Have you ever dreamed of buying gear from one of the most famous metal percussionists of all time? You're in luck: Bill Ward, Black Sabbath's co-founder and original drummer, is off-loading some of his collection of drum kits, cymbals and other musical ephemera. Ward just announced that he plans to sell over 200 pieces of studio- and stage-used gear spanning his tenure with the band, via the online marketplace Reverb.

Starting June 28, you'll be able to bid on a slew of rarities, culled from ten different storage facilities. Here are just a few of the pieces of gear set to hit the digital auction block next week: a six-piece Super Zyn cymbal set, used in the Black Sabbath and Paranoid sessions and their associated tours; A Ludwig Speedking kick drum pedal dating back to the 1970s; Over 150 signed, dated drum heads; A hand-painted bass drum head from the Sabbath Bloody Sabbath tour and more.

Prospective buyers can examine a selection of the lot on Reverb, and Ward has also uploaded a short video detailing (and in some cases, demo-ing) the goodies. "Some of this stuff I haven't played in quite some time; it's just sitting there," he says of the trove. "If it's going to drummers, or collectors, or whatever, then I'm only too happy."

Ward's announcement follows news of Black Sabbath's limited-edition vinyl box set The Ten Year War, which contains the band's first eight albums, two seven-inches, a hardcover book and a crucifix-shaped USB necklace, among other items. With an estimated price-tag of $247, the package, out September 29 via BMG, doesn't come cheap; Then again, it's an ostensible steal compared to Ward's gear, which is bound to fetch high prices.


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