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Watch UFC Star Nate Diaz Give Tool's Maynard James Keenan the "Stockton Slap"

UFC Star Nate Diaz unleashes his signature move, the "Stockton Slap," on the Tool frontman

When he's not fronting progressive metal bands, acting in films and comedy sketches, or running his top-shelf winery, Maynard James Keenan can be found on the mats. The Tool bandleader, who has over 20 years' experience in Brazillian jiujitsu, has documented his martial arts endeavors in great detail on social media, from sparring sessions to run-ins with respected fighters including UFC mixed martial artist Nate Diaz, who met up with Keenan at a recent Tool show. Now, the frontman's uploaded footage of their encounter to Instagram. Check it out below.


Careful what you ask for! @natediaz209 @randyspence1 #grampafell #stocktonslaplite @verdevalleybjj

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As seen in the video, Keenan couldn't pass up the opportunity to ask Diaz for a demonstration of the "Stockton Slap," the fighter's signature move. Happy to oblige, the brawler proceeded to show Keenan his might, knocking the musician to the mat (albeit a tad unconvincingly). Always the good sport, Keenan captioned the post with a lighthearted warning ("Careful what you ask for!"), as well as the hashtags #grampafell and #stocktonslaplite. So there you have it: Maynard James Keenan, in his full jiujitsu uniform, getting "Stockton Slapped" by one of the UFC's most formidable fighters.

Tool's lengthy summer tour wraps up tomorrow, June 23, in Sacramento, California. However, Keenan's not done with the road yet. In late October, he'll embark on a North American tour with his other band, A Perfect Circle. Despite these recent stirrings, neither band has revealed any details regarding their rumored upcoming LPs.



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