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Artist Interview

When Athens, OH, neo-thrash band Skeletonwitch hit New York on November 7, 2007, to play Brooklyn's Club Bang with Dying Fetus, MetalKult took the opportunity to invite guitarists Scott Hedrick and Nate Garnette and singer Chance Garnette into our Manhattan headquarters for a little Q&A session.

In the conversation that ensued, the dudes covered a bunch of topics, including their musical roots in Ohio's metal scene, their love of Swedish melodic death metal and the creation of their latest full-length, Beyond the Permafrost (Prosthetic).

Check out these clips below:



On July 19, 2007, MetalKult had the distinct pleasure to interview one of the most influential experimental musicians of the past 30 years, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge.

As a founding member of Seventies avant-garde acts Coum Transmissions and Throbbing Gristle, the English-born Genesis effectively laid the groundwork for what would become industrial music. (Quite literally, as Throbbing Gristle reportedly coined the term when they formed their Industrial Records label.) Make no mistake, without Gen there would be no Nine Inch Nails, Ministry or Marilyn Manson.

In the Eighties, Genesis founded "hyperdelic acid house" group Psychic TV, with whom he went on to explore psychedelic head music and occult spirituality (the roots of which stretch back to Genesis' childhood and his grandmother who was a medium). Psychic TV's latest record, Hell Is Invisible…Heaven Is Her/e was released this past June on Sweet Nothing records.

Over the years, Genesis' creative orbit has crossed the paths of many influential artists, including beat writers William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin, psychedelic guru Dr. Timothy Leary, industrial supergroup Pigface and Japanese noise band Merzbow.

+++In our comprehensive seven-part interview, hear Genesis talk about a range of topics, including his early years in Throbbing Gristle, his exile from Britain, his tragic accident at Rick Rubin's studio and much more.+++


In 2003, Gen and his late-partner Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge began a performance/action series called Breaking Sex, in which the pair sought "re-union and re-solution of male and female to a perfecting hermaphroditic state" by having cosmetic surgeries (including matching breast implants) to blur the lines between their sexes. Talk about extreme.

Because of Gen's progressive beliefs and outspoken nature, he's been the target of many individuals and groups who would rather we all just sheepishly accept conventions and norms. (Gen was even exiled from his native Britain in the early Nineties following misconceptions about his Art Actionist Project called Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth.) Thankfully, Gen refuses to conform, and continues to speak his mind on an array of issues.

So when we arrived at Genesis' house in the Bushwick section of Brookyn, NY, we weren't disappointed. In the hour plus interview that followed, the exceedingly friendly and talkative Gen led us through the finer points of his past, present and plans for the future.

NOTE: MetalKult is also saddened to report that since our interview, Gen's partner Lady Jaye passed away from a previously undiagnosed heart condition which is thought to have been connected with her long-term battle with stomach cancer. We extend our condolences to Gen and the family.

On September 14, 2007, Today Is the Day played a show at Club Europa in Brooklyn, N.Y., to celebrate the release of their latest album, Axis of Eden. The MetalKult-sponsored package tour, which also featured Defcon 4, Christine and Taipan, was the first for TITD singer/guitarist Steve Austin's new label, Supernova Records.

MetalKult had the rare opportunity to sit down backstage and talk with Austin about the history of his band, his D.I.Y. roots and the launch of Supernova Records.

While widely perceived as a gun-toting eccentric, the following in-depth interview debunks this myth and shows Austin to be an extremely articulate, charismatic and thoughtful individual.

Below, check out our two-part series: Today Is the Day History and the Birth of Supernova Records and Recording Axis of Eden.

Also, while you're at it, check out the live clip of "Pinnacle" from that Brooklyn show.


When progressive hardcore unit Baroness came through New York City last fall in support of 2007's Red Album (Relapse), MetalKult seized the opportunity to invite guitarist/vocalist (and MetalKult logo creator!) John Baizley and guitarist Brian Blickle to our headquarters to discuss the Savannah-via-Lexington, VA, band's past, present and future.

Baizley and Blickle graciously accepted, and in the conversation that followed the guys spoke about their history as musicians, how visual arts and their newly adopted Southern home have influenced BARONESS' sound and how they created one of last year's most ambitious and acclaimed underground metal records in a damp, dark basement.


Photo by Jimmy Hubbard.


On November 8, 2007, when Norwegian progressive black metal group Enslaved came through New York City to play BB Kings Blues Club in support of their 2006 full-length, Ruun, MetalKult invited guitarist Ivar Bjørnson and bassist/vocalist Grutle Kjellson to stop by our Manhattan headquarters for a little Q&A action.

The two founding members accepted and in the resulting interview, Bjørnson and Kjellson discuss their roots in Norway's notorious Nineties black metal scene, their reverence of Seventies prog and modern noise rock, and why they have abandoned the "viking metal" moniker. Oh and the two also shed some light on their recent "sheep downloading" incident.

Check out the clips below:

++NOTE: Due to a malfunction in Bjørnson's mic, some of his comments are distorted. We apologize for the less-than-pristine quality, but felt his comments were too insightful to omit.++


Photo by Asle Birkeland.


On November 14, 2007, San Francisco bass/drum drone kings Om played Brooklyn's Club Europa in support of their latest release, Pilgrimage (Southern Lord).

Before Om's thunderous set, we caught up with singer/bassist Al Cisneros and drummer Chris Haikus to discuss why the ex-Sleep rhythm section decided to reform as a duo, what gear challenges that presented, and Shrinebuilder, the band in which the Cisneros and Haikus are joined by Neurosis' Scott Kelly and Wino (ex-Hidden Hand, Obsessed).



On August 21, 2007, when South Carolina's Nile played an Ozzfest one-off date at BB King's, in support of their new album Ithyphallic (Nuclear Blast), we invited guitarist/vocalists Karl Sanders and Dallas Toler-Wade to stop by MetalKult's Manhattan headquarters for an in-depth Q&A and riff lesson.

The two technical death metal shredders accepted, and, stopped by our New York offices to discuss their exotic gear, Egyptian themes and why they believe Nile's music is more important than their image.

Check out the clips below:


Photo by Selena Salfen.


On September 20th, 2007, when Ulver vocalist Kristoffer "Garm" Rygg came to the states to promote his band's latest release, Shadows of the Sun (The End Records), with a DJ set at Europa Night Club in Brooklyn, MetalKult seized the opportunity to sit with the frontman and talk about his band's progressive take on Norwegian black metal.

In the interview that follows, Garm discusses Ulver's formative years in Norway's notorious black metal scene, his relationship with Emperor, his forays into electronic music and why he feels Ulver's music and philosophy is as true as it's ever been.


Photo by Jauhien Sasnou


Last year, when French progressive death metallers Gojira came through New York in support of their Prosthetic Records debut, From Mars to Sirius, guitarists Joe Duplantier and Christian Andreu dropped by our studios for a quick Q&A.

In the clips that follow, watch the guys check in with their thoughts on gear, pro-environment lyrics and the difference between French and American audiences.


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On August 15, when High on Fire visited the East Coast to do some press for their latest album, Death Is This Communion (Relapse), guitarist/vocalist Matt Pike dropped by MetalKult's NYC headquarters for an exclusive Q&A and riff lesson.

Check out the clips below, where Pike discusses the foundations of his brutal tone and style, HoF's new exotic sonic elements and what new bassist, Jeff Matz, brings to the High on Fire's mix.


Photo by Jimmy Hubbard.