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Senses Fail will release their new album, 'Pull the Thorns from Your Heart,' on June 30 via Pure Noise. In anticipation, the band has teamed up with Revolver to premiere a song and lyric video for "Carry the Weight." Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Vocalist Buddy Nielsen said, "We all carry the weight in the only way we know. For some us that looks effortless and graceful and for others we are struggling just to stay upright. I've carried a lot of weight over the years and this song is a reflection of giving myself the freedom to be forgiving for the ways in which I did."

To get 'Pull the Thorns from Your heart,' visit the band's merch store. Be sure to catch the band on Warped Tour this summer! For more on Senses Fail, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.



Five Finger Death Punch have premiered a new song, "Jekyll and Hyde," via Monster Energy's website. Check out the song below and let us know what you think in the comments!

The band will release 'Got Your Six' on August 28.


Lamb of God have premiered a new music video, "512." Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

'VII: Sturm Und Drang' hits stores on July 24 via Epic Records.


Motörhead have premiered a new song, "Thunder & Lightning." Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

The band's new album, 'Bad Magic,' is out August 28.



Last month at the Rock on the Range festival in Columbus, Ohio, Revolver hosted backstage interviews in the artist lounge. Check out our interview with Babymetal below, where the group talks their Fox God, Metallica, what "Give Me Chocolate" is about, and more!


Iwrestledabearonce will release their new album, 'Hail Mary' on June 16 via Artery Recordings. In anticipation, the band has teamed up with Revolver to premiere their new music video, directed by Shan Dan, "Green Eyes." Check them out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

MORE IWRESTLEDABEARONCE: Photos: Behind-the-Scenes of Iwrestledabearonce's Music Video Shoots

To get 'Hail Mary,' visit iTunes. For more on Iwrestledabearonce, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


Revolver's own Stephanie Cabral was on hand to catch all the action for Armored Saint and Saxon's stop on May 30 at the House of Blues in Hollywood. Check out the photos she captured for us below–you can also follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

The Metal Alliance Tour, featuring Deicide, Entombed AD, Hate Eternal, Black Crown Initiate, Lorna Shore, Svart Crown

June 3rd at Summit Music Hall in Denver, CO

  • Transport to the venue: An Uber car.
  • Pats I give myself on the back for not driving drunk: 6.
  • Chances of getting pulled over tonight: Significant. Bad weather, Rockies game, death metal show…don't risk it.
  • Band arrived just in time to see: Svart Crown from Nice, France.
  • Sounds like: Grating blackened death metal.
  • Creepy backdrop of the night: Svart Crown's dead-eyed pregnant woman from the cover of their newest record, Profane.
  • Best merch move of the night: Hate Eternal, who have a $15 grab box at the merch table. Which shirt will you get? It's a fucking mystery!
  • Percentage of dudes here who think metal stopped after Heartwork: 32%.
  • Percentage of these dudes alive when Heartwork came out: 54%.
  • Up next: Lorna Shore from New Jersey.
  • Sounds like: Listenable deathcore with weird atmospheric moments.
  • Anticlimactic mosh moment: "Let's do it guys! Circle pit!" Then three dudes try an start a pit on a barely-populated venue floor.
  • Local hazard for vocalists Tom Barber: Altitude. Dude wheezes out, "Jesus, man, how do you guys breathe here?
  • Don't forget, vocalists: No matter where you are in Denver, you're a mile up. Deep breaths, don't overdo it.
  • Backpatch of the night: William's Dissection The Somberlain patch. Doesn't hurt that the dude's also rocking an Enforcer patch.
  • Number of flirtatious single moms out smoking: One.
  • Topic I now know too much about: The romantic preferences of said mom's son. Apparently, he likes them cute and Asian.
  • Terrifying thought: What if my own mom is smoking outside a metal show in NYC show right now, telling some dudes about my sexual preferences?
  • Next up: Black Crown Initiate from Reading, Pennsylvania.
  • Sounds like: A stoner doom band and a blackened death metal band collided on their way onstage.
  • Footage of hair amongst Black Crown Initiate's members: Approx. 1,700.
  • Amount of merch Black Crown Initiate carry: A metric fuckton. I've never seen so many lighters at one band's station in my life.
  • Honest question: Why is this band on this tour? No shade, but they're definitely the odd one out—I can't see the brutal death metal dudes getting ecstatic over these jams.
  • Deicide merch game: Touch and go. You have some awesome classic designs, and then these kinda silly 'Devil Music' and 'Fuck Yo' Momma' graphics.
  • Number of girlfriends who seem ready to get into a shitfest fight: Three.
  • Saddest sight in the world: Some dude who weighs at least 210 lbs seemingly terrified of getting between his girlfriend and someone else in a fight.
  • Unexpected cool shirt seen: An Inferi Path of Apotheosis shirt. What a cool album.
  • Up next: Hate Eternal from Florida.
  • Sounds like: An empathic boil on the Devil's back popping in a spray of pure hatred.
  • Effect: Absolutely crushing.
  • Frontman of the night: Erik Rutan, Hate Eternal mastermind and death metal producer extraordinaire.
  • Classics blasted: "Para Bellum", "Haunting Abound," "Hatesworn."
  • Nostalgia moment: My first real death metal show was Hate Eternal opening for Cannibal Corpse and God Dethroned at L'Amours in Brooklyn. Erik Rutan had a fan pointed at his face and looked like something from the depths of Hell. I was thirteen, and a skinhead brought barbed wire into the show. Ah, those were the days…
  • Chances of someone bringing barbed wire into a show today: 0.0%. These days, your venue gets sued, shut down, and turned into a Sephora for that kind of shit.
  • Sadness felt over lack of weapons at shows: None. And any aged thrasher who likes to idolize that kind of shit can fuck off.
  • Piece of gear it'd be fun to own: A Deicide speaker. Awesome.
  • Crowd drunkenness level: Medium-high. Everyone isn't entirely wasted, but we're getting there.
  • Next up: Entombed AD from Sweden.
  • Sounds like: Entombed BC.
  • Reactions inspired: Headbanging, knee-slapping, fist-pumping, repeated yelling of, "YEAH!"
  • Obnoxious trend in metal: Split-off bands using the same name as their original band with a suffix. Like Venom Inc.
  • That said: Man, Entombed AD are fucking killing it. Nothing like some straight-forward Swedish death metal to get fans headbanging.
  • Stroke of luck: Getting to see the band before they got pulled from the tour. Sucks to be everyone after me?
  • Separated at birth: Entombed AD vocalist L-G Petrov and Revolver contributor Kory Grow (pictured here with the author).
  • Drunkeness level: Officially high. You can just feel waves of inebriation coming off the crowd.
  • And now: Deicide from Florida.
  • Sounds like: Satan belching in your mom's face.
  • Crosses: Inverted.
  • Undeniable fact: If you're into Satanic death metal, you gotta love Deicide to a certain extent.
  • Addendum: You don't have to love In Torment, In Hell. No one needs to love In Torment, In Hell.
  • Nostalgia moment: Reading interviews as a teenager in which Glen Benton would say, "Yeah, [this record we're about to release] is really all about making the people at Roadrunner shut up and leave us alone…"
  • Classics played: "Dead By Dawn", "Serpents of the Light", "Blame It On God", and "When Satan Rules This World".
  • New classics honored: "Death to Jesus" and "In The Minds of Evil."
  • Unexpected transformation: Glen Benton going from the Bob Larson-baiting press-hating psychopath to the master of chill death metalheadom.
  • Signs it's time to go: One of the aggressive girlfriends finally snaps and starts fighting with someone, has to be dragged scratching and screaming out the door and away from the venue.
  • Agreement issued by my cab driver: "Yikes, that's a sign of a night that's over!"
Screen-Shot-2015-06-05-at-11.20.47-AM_1.png, Getty Images/ Illustration by Kalman Andrasofszky.
photograph by Getty Images/ Illustration by Kalman Andrasofszky.

If artists like Kanye West, Lady Gaga and Iggy Azalea are the heroes of conventional rock and pop radio, the bands that comprise the lineup of this year's Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Fest— Slayer, King Diamond, Hellyeah, The Devil Wears Prada, Whitechapel, Sworn In and more—are its unabashed villains. So when it comes to the topic of supervillains, who better to talk to than these malevolent Mayhem-ers?

Below, read an excerpt from the issue's cover story, written by Senior Writer Jon Wiederhorn. In this section, The Devil Wears Prada vocalist Mike Hranica discusses sidekicks, evil lairs, and battling Morrissey.

The next issue of Revolver is on newsstands now and is available for purchase online. You can view the cover below, which was illustrated by DC Comics' Jae Lee.

REVOLVER Would you have a sidekick?
MIKE HRANICA I get along well with people who can be confrontational for me. I might need that in my supervillain career and I think the Penguin might fit that role well because he's very vocal and isn't afraid to be antagonistic.

Where would you plot your evil deeds?
I'd have some kind of lair in a snowy location like Scandinavia. It would be somewhere private. I work poorly in crowded atmospheres so I do most of my writing for the band at home.

What would you do to relax?
I'd have an oatmeal stout to sip while I read a good book from my monstrous library. I'd flip through some Rasputin. He was pretty crazy.

What musician would you most like to battle, and what would his superpower be?
I'd like to defeat Morrissey, but I feel like he'd have this insane army that I'd have to go through first. Once I got to Morrissey, I picture him being on some throne moping around. His superpower would be to make everyone depressed by wailing and moaning. He'd drain their inspiration to do anything productive.

What superpowers does TDWP's music have?
It has the capacity to dishearten beyond all measure. It just brings you down emotionally—even more than Morrissey.


Since Revolver's new issue is supervillain-themed, when we caught up with Halestorm's Lzzy Hale and Joe Hottinger backstage at Rock on the Range, we asked them what kind of villain they would be, who would be their arch nemesis, and what kind of superpower Halestorm's music has. Check out the video below!