10 Best Modern Street Skateboarding & Trick Videos

10 Most Insane Skateboarding Video Parts of 2017

Riley Hawk, Jamie Foy, Cole Wilson and more

There was so much heavy ripping in skateboarding this year, we felt compelled to assemble a list of the most face-melting street skateboarding videos dropped in 2017. From evidence that Jamie Foy has a death wish, to our pal Riley Hawk crushing rails and ditches to the soothing sounds of Metallica's "The Four Horsemen," here are Revolver's favorite skateboarding trick videos of the year.

Jamie Foy - "Welcome to Deathwish" Part

Jamie Foy joined the ranks of Deathwish Skateboards this year, commemorated by this Welcome to Deathwish video part. Shortly after dropping this awe-inspiring clip, Deathwish turned Foy pro and he backed it up with his second contribution: Deathwish Part 1. And if that wasn't enough fuel for his Skater of the Year contention, Foy capped his year off with a nice crooked grind down El Toro that landed him the first Thrasher cover of 2018.

Riley Hawk - "The Flare" Part

Despite a heavy schedule of riff-worship with his stoner-rock band PETYR, Riley Hawk dropped two of the sickest video parts we've seen in 2017. "I always loved the Lakai videos when I was a kid — so to be in one was a dream come true," Hawk says of his appearance in the brand's long-form The Flare video. To the soundtrack of Metallica's "The Four Horsemen," he unleashes more than seven minutes of pure, unadulterated shredding. But since we can't share his Lakai part (The Flare is only available via purchase, which we highly recommend doing), you'll just have to satisfy yourself here with Hawk's other 2017 offering, his Shep Dawgs 5 part, which we also find irrefutably badass and have posted at the top of this list.

Louie Lopez - "West End" Part

Louie Lopez dominated this year, starting out with winning first place at Tampa Pro. He dropped a gnarly Spitfire part, but then came in super heavy with his magnum opus for 2017 — West End. It's hands-down one of the best skate vids in a long time.

Tiago Lemos - "The DC Promo" Video

You may need to watch Tiago Lemos' part in The DC Promo in slow motion — it's filled with so many next-level tricks, it's difficult to process it all. The Brazilian street skater makes it all look so easy, but rest assured, he's doing the heavy lifting on some of the world's most iconic skate spots. And if you don't know what a Nollie Back 180 Switch Front Crooks Fakie Flip is (we'd actually be more worried about you if you did), then you should probably feast your eyes on this incredible video part.

Shane O'Neill - "Levels" Part

Shane O'Neill seemingly wakes up each day and invents new skateboarding tricks for breakfast. In his Levels part, the Australian Einstein drops one mind-blowing clip after another  — mostly never-been-dones — in one of the best skating videos we've seen in a long time. It's no surprise that O'Neill is also a candidate for Skate of the Year.

Miles Silvas - "Numbers/Edition 3" Part

Miles Silvas has style for days and he's a favorite skater of Most Influential Skater of All Time Mark Gonzalez. Silvas shreds like a beast and throws down monstrous tricks in his Numbers/Edition 3 part, including Switch Heel Flip Back Tail on the ledge at Barcelona's MACBA and Back Tail Fly out at the David Gap.

Victor Aceves - "Young Emericans" Part

Victor Aceves isn't pro (yet), but he sure as hell skates like he is, unleashing some of the gnarliest skating out there today. Watch his Young Emericans debut here and see this kid spew raw talent down every staircase and handrail in Southern California. 

Taylor Kirby - Shep Dawgs 5" Part

Taylor Kirby's part in Shep Dawgs 5 is a declaration of all out war on all things made of concrete and steel. The Deathwish pro skater is a complete savage, having delivered all the goods in his latest effort. Watch him send it in this video and you'll understand the phrase "Kirby has a Deathwish."

Tristan Funkhouser - "The DC Promo" Part

T-Funk is 20 years old and pro for Baker, making us already jealous of his rock-star life. Whether or not he wins Skater of the Year, his contribution to The DC Promo is nothing short of incredible.

Cole Wilson - "Oddity" Part

Cole Wilson dropped the curtains (and punished his skateboard) on Foundation's Oddity video earlier this year. One of the biggest handrail skaters in the game, the Louisville lunatic is so much fun to watch we are going with his video to close the curtains on our list of favorite skate videos of 2017.