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10 Most Inspirational Hatebreed Lyrics: Motivation and PMA From Jamey Jasta

Get your shit together with help from hardcore's resident life coach
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Hatebreed's Jamey Jasta
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For nearly a quarter century, hardcore powerhouse Jamey Jasta has been inspiring not just headbanging, finger pointing, stage-diving and circle pits with his band Hatebreed, but also energizing fans in their everyday lives and personal outlooks with his emphatically delivered lyrics. As a result, over the years he's been asked for his tips for PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) and inspired a humorous line of motivational posters, but really, you don't have to look any further for your daily affirmations than Hatebreed's songs themselves, which pack the power to drive even the laziest couch potato off their butt and toward a better, brighter, more badass self. From the band's first album, 1997's Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire, to its latest, 2016's The Concrete Confessional, here are 10 of Jasta's most inspirational lyrics. Explore their newest album with a copy of the Hatebreed 'Weight of False Self' vinyl!

"Before Dishonor"

I will not be a victim
I'll choose my own! My cries won't go unheard
I'll choose my own! I've got to fight for myself
I'll choose my own! And what I hold so true
What I have in my heart, I'll take to my grave


Against all opposition
Crushing all limitations
Pure strength through solitude
Discipline and determination

"I Will Be Heard"

Now is the time for me to rise to my feet
Wipe your spit from my face
Wipe these tears from my eyes

I've got to take my life back
One chance to make it right
I've gotta have my voice be heard
And bring meaning to this life

"Hollow Ground"

From nothing we have risen and from nothing we still rise

Take your life back
Fight, fight
Will you fight to take your life back?

"A Lesson Lived Is a Lesson Learned"

Do it
Some scars are meant to be worn with pride
Everyday is knowledge to use in life
A lesson lived is a lesson learned
Setbacks used to propel me forward
Misjudgement taken as force to do right
A better outlook a mindset of power
Each day resolve and reform

"Mind Over All"

No limit to what can be achieved
Mind over all!
Power that is yet to be seen
Mind over all!
Envious ability
Mind over all!
Stare now into glory

"Not My Master"

Just keep telling yourself
This day is worth living
This fight is worth fighting
This hope is worth hoping
What I walk away from is not my master

"Own Your World"

Make your stand
Burn the bridge
Burn the bridge to the place where your fear lives
Make your stand
Burn the bridge
Burn every bridge to the places fear live

Fists up, head high!
We own the fucking world tonight
Fists up, head high!
One flame can light a million

Own your world
It's in your hands
Own your world
Strive to find the heart

"Remember When"

"Remember when" is a phrase for fools
The here and now is what I choose

"Looking Down the Barrel of Today"

No sleep! No rest! That's what it takes to be the best
No sleep! No rest!
Must stay driven, I can't relent