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Alice in Chains: Watch First Two Episodes of Sci-Fi Noir Thriller 'Black Antenna'

Band unveils creepy NSFW horror series based on Grammy-nominated 2018 album 'Rainier Fog'

After months of teasing fans with trailers, Alice In Chains have at last released the first two installments of Black Antenna, the 90-minute dark science fiction horror film based on the Seattle band's 2018 Grammy-nominated album Rainier Fog. Directed by Adam Mason, the movie was produced by Elizabeth Mason and Nick Vallelonga, the latter of whom recently won two Oscars for his work on the film Green Book and has a cameo in episode one. 

Episode 1, "The One You Know," kicks off with an eerie up-close look at what appears to be unicellular organisms as they mutate and interact, a character comes into focus while he furiously scrubs his teeth then inspects his mouth and eyes in a mirror for signs of something yet unknown. It soon becomes obvious the man is traveling with a younger woman we find out is his daughter, who steals a pet mouse from a pet store and captures a cricket in a plastic bag in a strange pet-collecting ritual.

While parked in the desert night in their SUV, the father tapes aluminum foil to the inside of the car and strips apart a cell phone in a desperate search for a mechanism to help the two build an antenna, and the clip closes with the girl seducing someone in a nearby car as the father looks on.

Episode two, "Ranier Fog," picks up with the daughter in the car with the john she's hopped in with as they drive out into the desert and swap sex for money in an awkward silent dance. The customer drives her back to her dad after a bizarre conflict between the two, during which she remains silent, and she hands off to her dad a handful of cash and the cell phone she's stolen from the man. 

The two then pull up to a mysterious home and donning a blackout mask, the father (Alpha) breaks in and knocks out the homeowner before stealing some random electronics and a tooth containing a filling from the man's head. Awakened by the noise after having his tooth pulled out, the unsuspecting man attacks Alpha with a bat only to find he doesn't bleed but instead oozes a strange white liquid. A fight between the two breaks out, ending with the daughter (Beta) walking in as her father kills the man.

Black Antenna is being rolled out over ten episodes that correspond to a different song from Ranier Fog. We can't wait to see what comes next.