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Avenged Sevenfold's Synyster Gates Drunkenly Gave Fans Tattoos at Party

Guitarist was giving out amateur ink to members of the Deathbats Club
Avenged Sevenfold tattoo party

Many metalheads get tattoos of their favorite bands, but  Avenged Sevenfold fans got tattooed by their favorite band. Over the weekend (October 30th), the O.C. metal crew hosted an exclusive party for members of their Deathbats Club, and at least two members of A7X, guitarist Synyster Gates and frontman M. Shadows, were taking the needle and giving people tattoos throughout the evening. 

Sounds fun, right? Well, judging by photos posted on social media, it did look like a good time, but there's one crucial detail — Gates was allegedly drinking heavily throughout the night and appeared to give fans permanent etchings on their body while he was totally wasted. 

One attendee posted a picture on Twitter of himself getting tattooed by Gates, who was standing in a crowd of people, drawing words on the guy's arm without any sanitary gloves on, and looking a bit bleary-eyed.

Another picture, posted with the hashtag #drunkink, shows a sloppily-drawn phrase on a guy's arm, and Gates quote-tweeted the image with the caption, "I'm hurt. Hurt bad. Send help," alongside emojis of a clown, a shotglass and a painter. Basically, he's saying that he was fucking loaded while drawing whatever the hell came to mind on people's skin. 

The funniest tattoo someone posted was a pair of knuckle tats that Gates gave some poor sap, the kind that might not be as funny the next morning as they were the night before. "Texted @SynysterGates weeks ago saying I wanted him to tattoo me. Whatever he wanted, wherever. "the tattoo recipient Tweeted. "My name is Alex Cain He tattooed 'Awex Came' on my knuckles."

While Gates was just scribbling on people willy-nilly, Shadows seemed to be operating with a slightly more sober mindset. In one video, the frontman can be seen sitting down, wearing gloves, and carefully drawing a tattoo on someone lying on a tattoo bed, all while a professional ink-master appears to be supervising. 

Clearly, the Deathbats Club fans were just in it for the memories, and it seemed like even the folks with terrible new tats had a great night. But sheesh, it definitely looked like a wild time. See pics and vid below.