Comedian Bill Burr, Ministry's Al Jourgensen Talk Drugs, Guns, Kirk Hammett Cameo Gone Wrong | Revolver

Comedian Bill Burr, Ministry's Al Jourgensen Talk Drugs, Guns, Kirk Hammett Cameo Gone Wrong

Plus, Jourgensen invites Burr to drum at upcoming Ministry show
Jourgensen/Burr Split, Nicholas Hunt/MJF2017/Getty Images; Sergione Infuso/Corbis via Getty Images
photograph by Nicholas Hunt/MJF2017/Getty Images; Sergione Infuso/Corbis via Getty Images

Just in case anyone needed further proof that comedian/actor Bill Burr is metal as fuck, the Breaking Bad and F Is for Family star tapped Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen as a special guest for this week's installment of his Monday Morning Podcast. The incredibly entertaining 70-minute episode found the two discussing everything from hard drugs and gun laws to gluten-free diets and marijuana startups — and at one point, floating the possibility of Burr playing drums at a future Ministry concert.

Jourgensen extended the invitation after Burr shared his personal fantasy of joining Ministry onstage to drum along to "Twilight Zone," one of the singles off their upcoming Amerikkant LP, (which hits shelves this Friday.) "That's how I know I like a song," the comedian declared. "I immediately go into fantasy mode and whatever cool thing is happening, I'm doing it ... at first I was playing drums, and then when you did the harmonica part — then that was me in my fantasy. I was playing that — and everybody was gazing up at the stage going, 'Wow, look how awesome Bill is!'"

"That could still happen." Jourgensen replied, before accusing his host of "pussying out" after the frontman invited him play drums during the band's set at Danzig's Blackest of the Black festival last year. "Look," he told Burr, "We were ready to bring you a helicopter to fly [you] down onstage and have you come back and play drums with us!"

"I couldn't make it down there," the comedian admitted.

To his credit, Burr wasn't trying to be rude. "Because you were doing a festival, I figured you played a shorter set," he pointed out. "Like if you're going, and it's a full-on you show, if you have some jerk-off comic come on for one song, I think the crowd can handle that.

"But if it's just like, 'Hey, we only got time for six songs and on one of 'em the guy from VH1's I Love the 80s Strikes Back is gonna play drums!' — now, I know you guys might get a kick out of that. I'm just worried that your fans, what they're gonna fucking throw at me while I'm up there," the comedian concluded.

Later, Jourgensen shared another entertaining special-guest moment of Ministry's career, starring Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett. We won't spoil the whole thing, but it involves an overly-long solo and the band walking offstage, impatient. "He was into it and all that," he remarked of the Big 4 thrasher's solo, "but it just went on for fucking forever, so the rest of the band was just like, 'Fuck it, we're out of here,' so we all just walked off." Ouch.

Elsewhere in the interview, Jourgensen advised Burr on responsible psychedelics use ("Don't go into a shop like Home Depot or Loew's unless you're an experienced tripper. That's when incidents happen"), chimed in on the gun control debate ("If you get a couple DUIs, they take your license away ... If you're going to get a gun and you have a couple batteries and assaults, domestic shit ... probably not a good idea to get a gun.") and speculated about potential future investments ("I think solar and wind and all these new tech things are sort of a scam, but I'm into the pot thing.") Hear the whole thing above.