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Doing it live: Kyrgyzstan bans lip-syncing

Ministry of Culture: "Singers must sing live during cultural events"
Darkestrah 2022 screen shot live, YouTube @Undergroundedtube
Kyrgyz pagan-metal band Darkestrah, 2022
courtesy of YouTube @Undergroundedtube

Lip-syncing is a hot topic in the heavy-metal and hard-rock world, where fans and musicians put a premium on authenticity and, as a result, often call out performers who aren't doing it completely live. Now, Kyrgyzstan — of all places — is taking a stand, becoming the first central Asian nation to ban lip-syncing.

As reported by Firstpost, the prohibition order, which was first signed in 2021, took effect starting January 1st, and applies to mass public events in theaters, cinema halls, museums, clubs, libraries, sports venues, etc.

"Singers must sing live during cultural events," the Kyrgyz Ministry of Culture stated bluntly via its press service. Back in 2021, then-culture minister Nurzhigit Kadyrbekov justified the ban by saying, "Culture starts with honesty. Let's not deceive viewers and listeners."

Prior to signing the order, the Ministry of Culture had asked concert organizers to inform the audience whether a performance would be live or lip-synced, by printing relevant notices on tickets and posters. Now, with the prohibition in effect, venue managers responsible for relevant events will be held liable for any violations. Infractions will also reportedly lead to unspecified punishments levied against the performers, organizers and hosts of the events.

Fortunately, Kyrgyz metal bands like Darkestrah should have nothing to worry about.