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EVANESCENCE releasing 'FALLEN' 20th anniversary makeup set

Just like Korn's new 'Follow the Leader'-themed palette
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Earlier this week, Korn intrigued fans with a unique new merch item — a makeup set celebrating the 25th anniversary of Follow the Leader. The nu-metal heroes teamed with the cosmetics company HipDot to create a makeup palette that looks just like a CD version of their 1998 album, and now Evanescence are offering a very similar product for their 2003 debut, Fallen.

Also collabing with HipDot, the band led by Amy Lee have designed a CD-sized palette that features eight different colors that each correspond with a different song on Fallen. For instance, "Bring Me to Life" is paired with "Muted Blue/Grey – Matte" colored makeup, while "My Immortal" is represented by "Royal Blue – Foil."

Just like Korn's palette, the whole thing is packaged in a mock CD case with the Fallen album cover on the front and the colors placed just where the CD would rest. It does look pretty snazzy, and it will go on sale later this week via HipDot's website.

See an unboxing video below.