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Exodus' 'Bonded By Blood' Namedropped in 'Cobra Kai' Episode

Thrash classic gets called "shitty Metallica" in 'Karate Kid' spinoff series
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Although they both emerged from the Bay Area thrash scene, any true metalhead knows the difference between Exodus and their more popular peers in Metallica — and that's the premise of a joke on a new episode of Cobra Kai, which Exodus guitarist Gary Holt found to be absolutely hysterical. 

In a recent scene during season four of the show, which is a TV spinoff of the classic Karate Kid films, the character Ray strolls out of his house to fetch his paper and wishes his neighbor, Greg, a good morning. However, the rich dork next door who's polishing his sports car quickly bolts over and complains to Ray about the loud music he was cranking the night before. 

"No! It isn't!" Greg whines. "Do you know why? Because some freeloader was blaring shitty Metallica all night."

"Yeah, that was actually Exodus' Bonded by Blood," Ray calmy retorts. "But it's not your fault, you don't know the genre."

It's a hilarious dramatization of a situation we've likely all been subjected to at some point in our metalhead fandoms: correcting some normie stiff when they take issue with the loud, aggressive music we're joyfully jamming to. It's also a rare instance of someone defending Exodus' crushing 1984 debut on mainstream TV, and Holt was extremely stoked about the shout-out. 

In a recording of the clip the axeman posted on Instagram, Holt can be heard chuckling and gleefully shouting, "Tell him! Fuckin' loser," after Ray delivers his pithy retort. Check out the clip below and make sure you stick around for Holt's hilarious commentary.