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'Extremely Wicked': See James Hetfield Play Cop in Chilling New Ted Bundy Biopic Trailer

Metallica frontman portrays highway trooper who arrested Bundy, played by Zac Efron, in new Netflix film

The highly anticipated new Ted Bundy biopic Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile — premiering on Netflix on May 3rd — features actor Zac Efron portraying the nefarious Bundy, and Metallica's James Hetfield (in his acting debut) as the Utah highway patrolman who arrested him.

A new trailer released today (April 2nd) shows Efron in his most chilling role to date as prolific serial killer Bundy as he manipulates and lies to his longtime girlfriend Liz Kendall about his dastardly deeds performed behind her back. Papa Het's small but important role as a police officer sees him enter the interrogation room where Bundy is being held, throwing an evidence bag down onto the table containing leather straps, segments of rope, and a crowbar, all seemingly used in one of the killer's crimes. 

Director Joe Berlinger, who was also at the helm for Metallica documentary Some Kind of Monster, told Revolver earlier this year how he ended up casting Hetfield in the role:

"The whole reason this came up was that I was at Lars [Ulrich's] wedding, so I hung out with James, and he was thinking about doing some voiceover work. I said to him at the wedding that he has such a commanding voice, that I thought that translated into voiceover work and also he would be a really interesting actor because of that presence. This was about four years ago, before I knew I was doing this movie.

"So when this movie came along, what inspired me to reach out to him is that when you look at a photograph of officer Bob Hayward, a Utah patrolman who pulled Ted Bundy over when he ran a stop sign in a suburb, Hetfield looked like a better looking, more in-shape version of him."

Read our full interview with Berlinger here, before you watch Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile, which is available for streaming on May 3rd on Netflix.