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Fan Poll: 5 Greatest Wrestling Entrance Themes of All Time

See which wrestler beat CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin for best theme ever
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CM Punk wrestling Shelton Benjamin at WWE Smackdown, Sydney, Australia, June 15, 2008
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When it comes to wrestling, an entrance theme can be just as important to skyrocketing someone's popularity as their in-ring talents. A good entrance should create instant recognition of who's about to come out, and what the crowd is in for: high-impact, powerful themes that establish an immediate insane first impression.

If you're lucky, you can get an entrance theme that's legitimately enjoyable on its own merits, and listenable outside of the context of someone walking down to the ring. Last week, we posed to you, our readers, the difficult question of picking the single best entrance theme. And, as usual, you came through. Below, see your picks for greatest wrestling theme ever. 

5. CM Punk – Killswitch Engage "This Fire Burns"

When CM Punk debuted in the WWE back in the 2006 relaunch of ECW, he paired his impressive in-ring skills with an equally impactful entrance theme that left a great first impression. Everything about Killswitch Engage's "This Fire Burns" defined Punk's initial introduction to WWE, between the song's tenaciously heavy guitar work and lyrics about perseverance that correlated with his debut promo: "I'm a man of great discipline." 

4. Edge – Alter Bridge "Metalingus"

Edge has had a lot of great themes, but Alter Bridge's "Metalingus" hit right at the same time as he made his transition to true main-eventer. The song's blasting opening and overall grandeur helped tie in with his new persona as the "Rated R Superstar," and provided a backdrop for some insane pyro when he would come out.

3. The Undertaker

The Undertaker is probably the only wrestler ever that could get away with five-minute long entrances to the ring. This is helped in part by how massive his entrance theme feels, from the moment the bell hits to the spooky organ that slowly rises, it's an entrance theme that feels bigger than wrestling, and more like something truly mystical and ancient. 

2. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Really simple equation: you hear the glass shatter, you know someone is going to get their ass kicked. Stone Cold Steve Austin's theme is so extremely effective, not needing any lyrics to express what he and his theme are about. It's instantly recognizable, and one of the most memorable themes of that era.

1. Triple H – Motörhead "The Game"

Triple H is a huge fan of metal, and managed to not only befriend Motörhead frontman Lemmy, but got him to write two entrance themes for him: "The Game" and "King of Kings." His first theme "The Game," is a headbanger of an entrance and perfectly suited to the Cerebral Assassins' character. Just the nature of the way the song is laid out provides for a memorable moment allowing Triple H to time his water spitting during key song breaks, creating an image in wrestling that has lasted for years.