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Fan Poll: Top 5 Sickest 'Jackass' Stunts

Find out what moment topped the Vomelet and Poo Cocktail Supreme

High-concept lowbrow performance art? Cringe-y toilet humor? New-millennium television classic? Youth-corrupting degenerate trash? Who knows. Point is, however you position it, Jackass was some trailblazing programming. Sure, making your buds do gross, painful shit is a time-tested tradition in entertainment, but Johnny Knoxville & Co. took that spirit to the limit, and rolled cameras the entire time. Even today, 18 years from its first airing on MTV, you can search YouTube and find scores of teens imitating the show's pranks — despite (or maybe because of?) clear disclaimers from its producers insisting "that no one attempt to recreate or re-enact any stunt or activity performed on this show."

Revolver recently sat down with Jackass alum Bam Margera for a hilarious and gnarly chat, and ever since we've been trying to figure out which stunt of theirs is the "sickest" (an adjective specifically chosen for its ambiguity). It's no easy task — and so we've turned to you, our trusted readers, to help us choose.

Below, see which five scenes you decided were the sickest of the sick.

5. How to Milk a Horse

On "How to Milk a Horse" we watch the boys as they collect semen from a horse. (WTF.) Immediately after the, well, collection, Chris Pontius nonchalantly grabs the bottle and drinks it without hesitation (WTF!) — prompting a round of vomiting and dry heaving. "I never puke," exclaims their iron-stomached leader Johnny Knoxville. "But I almost puked myself." We're way ahead of you, my friend.

4. The High Five

What's funnier than watching every one of your friends get knocked on their ass repeatedly by a giant pneumatic hand? Watching it happen on camera and being able to rewind and pause as much as you want. The final slap in the face — with Wee Man baiting Bam Margera into getting absolutely owned — is priceless.

3. The Vomelet

When making baked goods, make sure to separate the wet ingredients from the dry, combine each type and then mix them together. That way each ingredient is thoroughly mixed before they are incorporated together. Same thing goes for an omelet. Make sure that everything is cooked and mixed together before you swallow it down or you're just going to have to vomit it all up.

2. Poo Cocktail Supreme

There are levels of of bathroom germophobes. Those who won't use a public restroom. Those who won't use one without disinfectant wipes. And then there are those who fear the dreaded confines of a Porta Potty that's been baking all day in the sun. In this scene, the Jackass boys managed to manifest every bathroom fear rolled into one disgusting (poo) ball.

1. Rent-a-Car Crash-Up Derby

It's really everyone's dream isn't it? To destroy something of value with absolutely no repercussions. That's why anger rooms are all the rage. It's also why the Rent-a-Car Crash-Up Derby skit was so great because there should be repercussions (and most likely there were, of the financial sort) — but the boys seemed to get away scot-free. Bad boys for life.