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Ghost to Sponsor NASCAR Driver Bayley Currey's Car

JD Motorsports Chevy will sport 'Impera' cover at this weekend's race
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Ghost are entering the raceway. The occult-rock leaders helmed by Tobias Forge have partnered with NASCAR Xfinity Team JD Motorsports to emblazon the artwork for their upcoming album, Impera, on driver Bayley Currey's Chevrolet. The car, which Revolver is proud to be co-sponsoring, will be sporting the badass Ghost imagery — including their logo and the giant Papa Emeritus face from the Impera cover — during Currey's event at the Phoenix Raceway on Saturday March 12th.

To play on the vehicle's No. 4 numeral, the collaboration is hysterically being dubbed the "Papa 4 car," and it'll make Currey look particularly intimidating as he burns rubber during the United Rentals 200 in just a few days. NASCAR autos are all covered in the logos of their sponsors, but in this case, the pairing makes sense because Currey's team is chock full of metalheads who love to get down to some Ghost. 

"I'm ready to rock," Currey said. "I'm excited about this one, and I know the boys at the shop are excited about this one too, we have a lot of metal fans on our team. Once we heard a deal was imminent, we started working on the cars to Ghost songs. With Ghost on my car, I am ready to take on the world."

"Me and Craig [Baroncelli] at A.E. Engine are both huge fans of Ghost," said Out of the Groove podcast host Eric Estepp, who's providing additional promotion for the sponsorship. "Fans know I love the band and wear Ghost shirts on my show regularly. I'm constantly getting comments on my channel or people coming up to me at the races talking about how much they love the band, too. So we knew this would be really exciting for the fans."

The big race goes down Saturday March 12th at 4:30 p.m. EST, one day after Ghost unveils Impera to audiences worldwide.