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Hear Mark Hamill Voice Chucky in Chilling New 'Child's Play' Remake Trailer

Famed Luke Skywalker actor takes on killer Buddi doll character in franchise reboot

Chucky, one of the most iconic comedy-horror characters of all time, is scary again. That's the takeaway from the latest trailer of Child's Play, the upcoming reboot of the Chucky franchise, which shares the name with the first film of the series, released back in 1988. If the first trailer hinted at the sort of murder and carnage everyone's favorite accursed doll will get up to, this new one pulls the curtain back even more.

In order, we see a rampaging lawnmower threatening to consume a very unlucky man in a front yard, some sort of macabre death trap involving an industrial-grade razor blade, and a group of schoolchildren taking up arms to face off against the doll in martial combat. We also get to hear Chucky's new voice for the first time, which comes from the one and only Mark Hamill of Star Wars fame.

Child's Play, which is scheduled for June 21st release, is produced by the same team who brought you 2017's massive critical and commercial success IT, and alongside Hamill, you can find Aubrey Plaza, and Atlanta's Brian Tyree Henry in the cast. There's reason to believe that the movie might satisfy beyond basic nostalgia purposes.