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'It Chapter Two': Watch Pennywise's Bloody Return in Terrifying New Trailer

Grown-up Losers Club members are back in Derry to face killer clown for final showdown

The first trailer for It Chapter Two debuted in May and gave waiting audiences everywhere the chill of a lifetime when Beverly Marsh (played by Jessica Chastain) was seen trapped in a house with the titular killer clown disguised as an old, feeble woman. Now with the second, final trailer making its horrifying official premiere at the San Diego Comic-Con yesterday, July 17th, and online today, thrill-seekers are getting an even deeper look at the ominous return of Pennywise. 

Frequently jumping between the events of the first chapter with the modern setting taking place 27 years after the initial haunting of Derry, Maine, the Losers Club is seen getting back together to figure out how to deal with the reemergence of their shared enemy in a Chinese restaurant in their hometown.

In a particularly haunting scene, James McAvoy's character Bill Denbrough is shown following a child into a creepy funhouse and is promptly confronted by a stalking Pennywise who then drags his disgusting tongue across the maze's glass before attempting to break it and capture the child. 

At a panel hosted by Conan O'Brien following the premiere of the new trailer, the comedian brought up the fact that the film used more than 4,500 gallons of fake blood. Jessica Chastain was to be the most involved with this horrendous amount of fluid, and elaborated on her experience with director Andy Muschietti: "He said, 'The blood is going to come up to your collarbone — it's not going to get on your face," but she insisted they go all the way and douse her head-to-toe for maximum effect. 

It Chapter Two hits theaters September 6th.