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'Jackass' Star Steve-O's Epic Mockery of Bam Margera's Heartagram Tattoo

Dave England shares the story and work-in-progress photos of hilarious "Dickagram" tattoo
jackass steve-o GETTY, Michael Schwartz/WireImage
Steve-O, 2013
photograph by Michael Schwartz/WireImage

If you're not familiar with defunct Finnish "love metal" stalwarts HIM and their gother-than-goth logo, let us catch you up: Designed by the band's heartthrob frontman Ville Valo, the "Heartagram" is a mashup of the heart symbol and the pentagram, and for HIM superfans like Bam Margera it's a tattoo de rigueur. It's also the perfect thing for someone like fellow Jackass maniac Steve-O to crudely take the piss out of — which is just what he did back in 2006. Self-described "Jackasstroid" Dave England, who is a mandatory follow on Instagram for his regular flashback posts, recently shared the details and the hilarious visuals.

"In the middle of the night after the bars closed, @steveo had an epiphany," England recalled. "He envisioned a tattoo that would 'poke' fun at @bam__margera's Heartagram. So at 3am, after @steveo & @meechface worked out the details on back of an envelope, the Dickagram tattoo was inked into O's chest for eternity." See the full post — including an educational pic of the envelope featuring the work-in-progress design that really takes you into the creative process — below.