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Kurt Cobain's Hair Sells for Over $14,000 at Auction

From haircut Nirvana frontman received in 1989
Kurt Cobain Undated Getty, Kevin Mazur/Wireimage
photograph by Kevin Mazur/Wireimage

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Yes, you read that correctly. Someone just bought Kurt Cobain's hair for over $14,000.

Six strands of the late Nirvana frontman's blond locks recently sold for a whopping $14,145 at an online auction. Hosted by the company Iconic Auctions — who specialize in autographs, memorabilia and, apparently, body parts from long-dead celebrities — the winning bidder got to walk home with a few pieces of hair that were snipped from Cobain's head during the Bleach tour in 1989.

The haircut was given by the grunge legend's friend, Tessa Osbourne, in Birmingham, England, who kept the loose strands in a bag for roughly five years before giving them to Seattle artist Nicole DePolo upon Cobain's tragic death in 1994. As TMZ notes, the hair eventually made its way into the hands of a man named John Reznikoff, who holds the not-at-all-creepy Guiness world record for "largest collection of historic hair."

The person who shelled out five figures for this completely asinine pop cultural artifact also received a picture of Cobain and Osbourne, still clutching her scissors, that was taken shortly after the now-valuable haircut.

All of this sounds like some sort of demented epilogue to Nirvana's Bleach song, "Floyd the Barber," in which a small-town barber kidnaps, sexually assaults and murders an unassuming customer. Selling a piece of the victim's body on the internet would be a very 2021 addition to that gruesome tale.