Metallica and 'Stranger Things': See 400-Foot-Tall Halloween Light Show to "Master of Puppets" | Revolver

Metallica and 'Stranger Things': See 400-Foot-Tall Halloween Light Show to "Master of Puppets"

Featuring laser versions of monsters from Netflix series

Metallica's "Master of Puppets" was already the unexpected song of the summer. The 1986 thrash epic was featured prominently in season four of the wildly popular Netflix show, Stranger Things, which launched it into the land of TikTok and introduced Metallica to a whole new generation of fans. Now, it's continuing on as the song of the fall. 

A man who posts videos of his elaborate light setups under the YouTube channel Tom BetGeorge has shared jaw-dropping footage of a wildly detailed light setup that's soundtracked by "Master of Puppets." What's more, the visuals features blinking versions of various monsters and figures from Stranger Things' upside down world, including Demogorgon, the Mind Flayer, and Vecna's grandfather clock.

The whopping 400-foot-tall display covers the entirety of the man's house and yard, with a gigantic backdrop ascending into the sky that depicts huge star formations that morph in real-time with the music. The Halloween-themed project features a pumpkin singing James Hetfield's vocals, rows of flashing gravestones and loads of flashing lights that make his house look like it's being sucked up into a UFO by laser beams. 

Halfway through the video, Metallica's song abruptly cuts out and it transitions sharply into the Ghostebusters theme song, replete with totally new animations and fresh light configurations. 

It's pretty crazy, but the electric bill it racks up must be the scariest part. Watch above via YouTube.