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Metallica Reportedly Plotting Signature Whiskey and New Distillery

"We're going to make a killer whiskey product," ex-Makers Mark distiller says

Move over, Jack Daniel's: Metallica are breaking out into the whiskey industry. Veteran distiller Dave Pickerell, formerly of Maker's Mark, stated on a recent episode of the WhiskyCast podcast that he's collaborating with the Big 4 thrashers on a Metallica-inspired whiskey and potentially a new distillery that'll be partially funded by the band. Metallica — who famously covered the Irish drinking song "Whiskey in the Jar" for 1998's covers album Garage Inc. — have yet to comment on the alleged enterprise.

"I can just say that we're going to make a killer whiskey product, and probably build a little distillery someplace as well ... putting all the logistics together and crashing just as hard as we can," Pickerell explained, going on to name California, Kentucky and Tennessee as potential locations for the space. "San Francisco [is] the home of Metallica, Louisville [is] the home of Bourbon and Nashville [is] the home of music, so one of those three seems to make sense," he noted. "I'm voting for San Francisco and the Bay Area if nothing falls apart."

The other members of the Big 4 have all produced booze in recent years. Anthrax have their Indian Bourbon, while Slayer released a "Reign in Blood" red wine; meanwhile, Megadeth's Dave Mustaine has both the À Tout Le Monde beer and a full-fledged vineyard in San Diego, California.

Below, watch Tool, Puscifer and A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan lead Revolver on a tour of his Caduceus Cellars vineyard in Arizona, amid the processing of his summer grape harvest.