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Metallica: 'Stranger Things' Fan Uses "Master of Puppets" Lyrics to Predict Eddie Munson's Return

TikTok user has a theory based on the title for season five's first episode
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One Stranger Things fan has a viral theory that beloved character Eddie Munson will somehow return in season five of the hit Netflix show. His source? The lyrics to Metallica's "Master of Puppets."

Let's back up for a moment, and anyone who doesn't want Stranger Things season four spoilers, look the fuck away. In the last season's final episode, high-school hesher Eddie Munson heroically died in the hellish Upside Down world while battling the evil Vecna, who Munson fought by shredding along to Metallica's "Master of Puppets."

The episode ends with Munson presumed to be dead, but an astute fan believes that Stranger Things are hinting that Munson may come back at the beginning of the next season, which will begin filming next year.

His main hunch comes from two places. First, the official Stranger Things Twitter account posted a photo revealing the title of season five's first episode, "Chapter One: The Crawl." Seems pretty vague, right? TikTok user RelayTS doesn't think so.

The fan posted a TikTok video where he connects the word "crawl" to a main lyric in "Master of Puppets," where James Hetfield sings, "Come crawling faster/Obey your master." RelayTS doesn't offer up his theory on what Munson's return might actually look like, but some fans in the comments are running with that connection and hypothesizing that Munson may physically crawl out of Upside Down — either alive and well, or under the control of Vecna himself, who could effectively become the "master" Munson is forced to "obey."

It's all just a fan theory at this point, but given how culturally prominent "Master of Puppets" has become since season four ended, and how much adoration viewers had for Munson, it would be strategically sound for the Stranger Things writers to work the character and the song back into the next season. Maybe that was the plan all along!

Who knows, but you can speculate while watching RelayTS's video below.