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Metallica Team Up With Nixon for Collaborative Watch Line

Custom timepieces pick up visual motifs from iconic albums and songs including 'Ride the Lightning' and "Sanitarium"
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Part of what makes Metallica a timeless band is how well their imagery, not just their music, has aged. For those who wish to take the band around with them in a subtler, even work-friendly way than, say, carrying around a boombox and blasting Kill 'Em All on repeat, the band has teamed up with watch-maker Nixon for a new line of timepieces, each pulling different visual elements from across the group's career. Some of the wristwatches are simple, featuring a Ride the Lightning–esque backdrop, or an image lifted from a Pushead-designed shirt. But Nixon took things a step further, offering up some truly kickass watches including a "Sanitarium"-themed piece with a twisted cage. There's also a leather "Black Album" watch that no one would ever be able to tell was a Metallica watch, an ...And Justice for All piece with a cool cracked face, and other options. Watches range from $150-$750; see the full line here.