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Metallica Team With Stone Brewing Imprint Arrogant Consortia for 'Enter Night' Pilsner

Beer, which has only been available at select venues, now set for international release
Metallica with Stone Brewing co-founder Greg Koch

Metallica have expanded their foray into the world of branded alcohol with a new collaboration with Stone Brewing imprint Arrogant Consortia. Enter Night pilsner has been served at venues and select stores visited by the thrashers on the fall leg of their current World Wired tour, but now the brew will see a national release in the coming months followed by an international debut when the group head out for their European tour with Ghost in May.

With a 5.7% ABV and 45 IBUs (a measurement of the beverage's bitterness), Enter Night claims to have "remarkable flavor and aroma which artfully combine the beauty of a traditional Northern German Pilsner with Arrogant Consortia's modern overtones of aggression ... hop forward with sound bitterness on the finish."

Drummer Lars Ulrich told USA Today,  "In terms of hard rock, Iron Maiden has been doing beverages very successfully and Megadeth has been doing beer. We have been watching everybody else do their stuff and sometimes just sitting back and watching ... you sort of pick up what is working and [think] what could our model look like." He continues telling the paper the music comes first, but their freedom as artists allows them to explore other outlets as well: "I look at all of them ... as creative outlets." 

Find Enter Night pilsner near you on the beer's official site, and catch Metallica on tour with a full list of dates here. 

two_cans_enter_night_pilsner_studio.jpg, Stone Brewing Co.
Enter Night Pilsner
photograph by Stone Brewing Co.