Michael Jackson's Daughter Paris Skipped Prom to See Metallica

Michael Jackson's Daughter Paris: I Skipped Prom to See Metallica

Pop royalty discusses being a "heavy-metal head" in 'Vogue' behind-the-scenes video

Paris Jackson may be best known to those outside of her 3.5 million Instagram followers as the daughter of Michael Jackson, but a new behind-the-scenes look at her and her brother Prince getting ready for April's "Motown 60: A GRAMMY Celebration" event reveals another identifying feature: She's a devoted metal fan. 

In the video, Vogue follows the siblings around as they ready themselves for the event, capturing the hair and makeup process, as well as the extravagant outfits they chose to walk the red carpet. Prince shows off his new tattoos to the duo's stylist Rushka Bergman (who worked with their father for three years) and also, despite being son to the king of pop, reveals a passion for heavier music, as does his sister.

He begins to discuss finding new music, and Paris offers up some playlists then asks, "You just started listening to Mötely Crüe, right?" Prince corrects her: "re-listening." She mentions knowing he wasn't a huge fan during her "insane phase" when she was all about the band. 

As Paris helps the makeup artist put the final touches on her face, she adds that she used to wear makeup more often "when I was going through my heavy metal ... I'm still a heavy-metal head." 

That theme continues after the red carpet is complete when the two are whisked to a backstage area of the venue to change outfits. "I never actually went to prom," Paris admits while being dressed by her stylist in look No. 2 for the evening, a sparkling taffeta gown. "I, uh, skipped it to go see Metallica." 

Now in her early Twenties, Paris might not be the "insane" metalhead that she once was, but she's still active in music and currently dating her bandmate in the Soundflowers, Gabriel Glenn, who also plays in L.A. rock band Trash Dogs. See a clip from their chilled-out, folky collaborative project as well as a bit of live footage from Glenn's heavier group below.