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Monolord: Doom-Metal Hopheads Curate 20 Beer-and-Album Pairings

Swedish zythophiles raise horns and glasses
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Monolord love beer almost as much as they love Sabbathian doom metal. On Thursday (March 3rd), the Swedish riff-worshipping libationists are due to kick off their long-awaited U.S. tour with Firebreather — the trio's first visit to our shores since the 2021 release of their latest LP, Your Time to Shine, and a run that will surely see the band members sampling plenty of American-crafted brews. Ahead of the trek, we asked the dudes to curate some album-and-beer pairings, and Monolord's Esben Willems and Mika Häkki happily dove in. Check out their pairings (and upcoming itinerary) below.

Esben Willems

This is not a ranking order — lists are always changing, this one included. I'm not sponsored by Stigbergets Bryggeri, by the way, I just love their stuff. You won't find tasting notes or flavor profiles in my list, simply because that's not how I enjoy beer. But I love the explosion of craft beer that's ongoing — although I seem to be stuck in the hazy IPA palette — and I'm always curious about local options when we're on tour.

High on Fire Snakes for the Divine x Stigbergets Bryggeri Amazing Haze
That album was my gateway drug to High on Fire, that beer was the same to Stigbergets. Perfect pairing.

Sunn O))) Life Metal x Omnipollo Nebuchadnezzar
Both the album and the beer are intense, everything-at-once experiences. A pair of good headphones and a deep chair — this combo is next level laid-back.

Motörhead Rock 'n' Roll x Stigbergets Bryggeri Iconic
When I listen to Motörhead, I wanna listen to them a lot. I feel the same about this beer.

Humanity's Last Breath Välde x Stigbergets Session IPA
Same thing here: This fine album requires several of the same kind, and that beer is spot on for the occasion.

Wayfarer A Romance With Violence x Stigbergets Bryggeri West Coast NEIPA
A staple beer in our household, but it never gets old. A great pairing with this album, which I tend to put on repeat when I listen to it.

General Surgery Lay Down and Be Counted x Stigbergets API AZYH
This combo makes me happy. Haters gonna hate, but I love hazy IPAs and this one goes along beautifully with this full-throttle album.

Behold! The Monolith Architects of the Void x Beerbliotek Hip Hops
I usually enjoy drinking several of the same kind of beers. This album is one to be listened to in its entirety to really allow yourself to be embraced by the majestic riffness. That beer is a good companion.

Firebreather Under A Blood Moon x Stigbergets Bryggeri Tropikos
This beer is riff=enhancing juice. This album is a riff fest. So many riffs.

Myrkur Mareridt x Beerbliotek Bobek Citra
A type of beer often dismissed as generic and an artist often unfairly dismissed as "NOT TRVE" or whatever. I'm a fan of both.

Bombus The Poet & The Parrot X Stigbergets Bryggeri Pilsner
I rarely drink pilsner anymore, but this one is badass and one you instantly want another one of — just like you want to play this album on repeat once you put it on.

Mika Häkki

I enjoy a lot of beer of different kind, just like music. Everything has its time and space. Depending on the mood, time of the year and company. Being a touring musician is a great way to try new beers from breweries that never end up on the shelves at our local stores. And sometimes get a chance to even meet some of the brewers.

Deftones Gore x North Coast Old Rasputin Imperial Stout
I've always been a huge Deftones fan. Love the heavy grooves and how they have developed through the years. [Their music] suits very well with this classic heavy-like-tar stout. Bitter, strong chocolate flavors with a sweet finish.

Sonic Youth Dirty x Ballast Point Sculpin IPA
This album gets me on a party mood, and I could chug these IPAs down faster than Thurston Moore makes his first feedback on the guitar. A simple but classic IPA. I'm not a huge fan of all the hazy IPAs that everyone seem to be making.

Neil Young Harvest x Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barley Wine
This album has always been there for me and means a lot for me. I love a good barley wine. This one was probably the first one I tried and I get many of them every time it's released. Heavy sweetness and bitterness and a high alcohol percent. Will leave your head hurting the day after, but it's worth it!

Mizmor Cairn x Omnipollo Levon
Amazing journey of an album. Plays often at my house. Just like this Belgian style pale ale from the Swedish Omnipollo. This pale ale is brewed with champagne yeast, which makes it stand out from the other pale ales. Definitely fruity aromas but also a nice fresh yeast aroma. Perfect [with] good food but even just sitting listening good music.

Causa Sui Szabodelico x Brouwerij Boon Oude Geuze Boon
Great instrumental psychedelic band from Denmark. You can just lean back and drift away in the moods. Perfect to enjoy a large bottle of this sour beer. This is an oak barrel-aged lambic with fresh grape fruit notes and some apple. A great introduction to the world of sour beers for someone curious.

Bohren & Der Club of Gore x Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout
This album is a perfect way to calm down after a show or just drift away on the road. Slow and calm, instrumental jazzy moods. [Goes well while] enjoying this heavier-than-heavy chocolate stout. Russian Imperial Stout released every winter. High alcohol percent and rich chocolate notes and some coffee, too. This ages well, too, but usually gets finished before the next batch is released.

The Shivas Dark Thoughts x Abita Purple Haze
This band is a party! Sixties psych and garage rock from Portland. Sweet people, too. Would love to sit in a bar listening to them and sipping on this lager brewed with raspberries. Fruity and tarty taste. A bit hazy because of the fruit pulp. Amazing beer!

Black Lips Sing in a World That's Falling Apart x Franziskaner Hefe-weissbier
Brilliant garage rock from Atlanta, Georgia. One of my fondest memories from Levitation Fest is seeing these guys rip it late at night. Perfect time to switch from heavy bitter IPAs to this timeless classic style of beer. I love a hazy wheat beer. This one has nice notes of honey, banana and dried peach. A huge glass of this brings on a smile.

The Fifth Alliance The Depth of the Darkness x Brasserie Cantillon Lou Pepe Gueuze
A Dutch band I found about just before the pandemic hit. It's been playing a lot! Unfortunately, the pandemic has stopped people from touring and me from getting this amazing lambic from Belgium. They don't make it in huge batches so it's very hard to get. It's impossible to get in any stores over here. A fantastic lambic with woody aromas and and a long fruity taste.

Cowboy 5'll Getcha Ten x Lone Star Original (tall boy)
This band had a huge impact on my songwriting in the later years. Brilliant songwriting and vocal harmonies. One of Southern rock's best-kept secrets. Love me a cold, tall boy Lone Star while singing along to these songs on repeat. Just a simple classic lager. Perfect enjoyed in the sauna!

Monolord 2022 U.S. tour dates:
March 3  Berkeley, CA  Cornerstone
March 4  Sacramento, CA  Harlow's
March 5  Portland, OR  Dante's
March 6  Seattle, WA  Chop Suey
March 8  Salt Lake City, UT  Metro
March 9  Denver, CO  Marquis Theater
March 11  Chicago, IL  Reggies
March 12  Detroit, MI  Sanctuary
March 13  Buffalo, NY  Town Ballroom
March 15  Boston, MA  Sonia
March 16  New York, NY  Le Poisson Rouge
March 17  Philadelphia, PA  Underground
March 18  Cleveland, OH  The Grog Shop
March 19  Indianapolis, IN  Black Circle
March 20  Memphis, TN  Hi-Tone
March 21  New Orleans, LA  Gasa Gasa
March 22  Austin, TX  Mohawk
March 23  Denton, TX  Thin Line Fest
March 25  Phoenix, AZ  Rebel Lounge
March 26  San Diego, CA  Brick by Brick
March 27  Los Angeles, CA Teragram