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'Mortal Kombat XI': Watch Brutal, Awesome Launch Trailer

Time travel, an evil Raiden, and blood, explosions, mean combos galore

We've already established that in Mortal Kombat XI, Johnny Cage has the ability to beat a dude to death with an Oscar, so any lingering concerns that the venerable fighting game franchise was going to clean up its act should've been put to bed long ago. The just-released launch trailer confirms that truth all over again — tune in to watch a lot of mean combos, and all of your vintage favorites rendered in fabulous 4K.

The trailer dives into some of the Mortal Kombat lore, which now apparently includes time travel and an evil Raiden, so if you're the sort of person deeply invested in the subtle nuances of Scorpion's character, you're in luck. For everyone else, get hyped. Mortal Kombat XI is out on April 23rd, and if that vintage theme song doesn't get your blood pumping, we're not sure what will.