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Obituary and Morbid Angel Featured in Death-Metal Question on 'Jeopardy!'

TV quiz show gets brutal with "D.M." category

It's not every day that death metal spills over into the mainstream, but on last night's Jeopardy! episode, the far-beyond-brutal subgenre did just that as Floridian titans Morbid Angel and Obituary popped up as a clue to a death-metal-themed question.

Nestled in the category "D.M.," the clue read: "Morbid Angel & Obituary are popular bands in this genre," to which bow-tied contestant (and possible secret metalhead?) Dhrub Gaur quickly responded, "What is ... death metal?" with a slightly confused look on his face as if the answer was all too obvious. He was correct, of course, and kept the game moving. 

That wasn't the last notable move by Gaur, though, who eventually fell too far behind to win. On the episode's final question, he knew he had nothing to lose and didn't know where to go with the last clue of "In the title of a groundbreaking exposé of poverty in New York City slums, these three words follow 'How the,'" and went on to write in "We [heart] you Alex." Host Alex Trebek, who announced his battle with pancreatic cancer back in March and has undergone aggressive treatment since, broke his usually poker-faced routine and choked up on air. Watch below, and try not to tear up yourself.