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RAMMSTEIN: Till Lindemann statue erected, stolen immediately

Towering effigy went missing less than 24 hours after being unveiled
Rammstein till lindemann statue split 1600x900, Roxxy's Instagram
image of statue courtesy of Roxxy's Instagram

Till Lindemann is missing. Well, not the actual Lindemann, but a bronze statue erected in Germany to honor the Rammstein frontman's 60th birthday — which is today (January 4th) — has already been stolen. 

The effigy was unveiled today in the German city of Rostock, where it's meant to be displayed in front of the house Lindemann lived as a kid, according to the artist who designed the statue, Roxxy. 

However, according to Germany's NDR, the figure was allegedly swiped from its location at around 10 a.m. on Wednesday morning, and the local police are currently seeking any information to help track it down. 

Check out Roxxy's pictures of the statue below, and if you're a Rammstein fan in Germany, keep an eye out for a giant bronze tribute to one of the country's most famous musicians. Shouldn't be hard to miss, right?