Rob Zombie Says He's "Still Proud" of His 'Halloween' Films, Prefers Second One | Revolver

Rob Zombie Says He's "Still Proud" of His 'Halloween' Films, Prefers Second One

Rocker-director reconsiders his polarizing entries to the slasher franchise in new interview

With the spooky high holiday right around the corner and a new installment of the franchise in theaters, Halloween has been a hot topic everywhere lately. The latest film may be the most acclaimed of the entire series, thanks in no small part to original director John Carpenter's return for scoring and executive-producer purposes, but shock rocker and horror director Rob Zombie had his own things to say in a recent interview concerning his polarizing reboot of the slasher flick and its subsequent sequel, from 2007 and 2009, respectively. Talking to SFX Magazine, he said, "To be honest, I would rather be doing my own thing anyway ... But I am still proud of both Halloween movies. I prefer the second one, which might surprise people, but the problem is that when you do a remake you can never get a true judgment on what it is you have done." 

Zombie received very mixed reviews on the films, but claims that it never matters to him what people think, as he's going to continue making what pleases him and fits his vision. "I kept being asked, 'Hey, should we show this to Carpenter or so and so from the original and see what they think?'" Zombie recalled. "And my response was just, 'What the fuck do I care?' When I get asked what my advice is in this business I tell people to just focus on what they want to do because if you start worrying about what other people think you are screwed." 

The rocker-director did admit one failing in his Halloween remake. "I think Laurie Strode from my Halloween was a bit boring," he conceded. "I mean, she is supposed to be the all-American nice girl and, to me, that is just dull ... That is why when we did the sequel I made her this really damaged person — because that is infinitely more interesting and cool to explore. But in Halloween, I made a movie about Michael Myers, that came from the pitch of, 'Okay, what if this was a real man? An actual serial killer? What set him off?'"

Next up on Zombie's plate is 3 From Hell, the sequel to his 2005 movie The Devil's Rejects, which is currently in production. He is also set to perform at the Ozzfest New Year's Eve event in in Los Angeles alongside Ozzy, Marilyn Manson, Jonathan Davis and Body Count.