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Rob Zombie Shares "Exclusive" Shots From Upcoming 'Devil's Rejects' Sequel

Director offers sneak peek at 'Three From Hell'
rob zombie GETTY, Angela Weiss/Getty Images for IMDb
photograph by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for IMDb

UPDATE: On Memorial Day (May 28th), Rob Zombie shared a new exclusive shot from the filming of Three From Hell, one that marks the first look at actor Rich Brake (Joe Chill in Batman Begins, and the fucking Night King in Game of Thrones) as the character Foxworth "Foxy" Coltrane. But as you can see below, Zombie doesn't let much else out of the bag as to how Foxy plays into the greater plot of the film. "Only time will tell," the director teases.

ORIGINAL STORY, 5/22/18: Rob Zombie's Three From Hell is very real, and is being filmed right now. Over the past few months, the horror maestro has been dropping shots of the film's production, and now he's let us in on some of the actual scenes. The pictures that Zombie has posted on Instagram over the last 24 hours show the titular three in a prison setting, as well as in a courtroom. In one of them, Captain Spaulding is being escorted to his cell sans makeup, while Baby is being escorted from the courtroom and into prison. There's also a shot of Otis apparently addressing the media after the sentencing, and for the first time, we get a glimpse of Jeff Daniel Phillips as the prison warden, clad in a blue suit and paisley-print shirt.

How did the Devil's Rejects get there? Black magic? Did they not actually die at the end of the last movie? Is this from the beginning of the new movie? We're left with a lot of questions, but we're excited to see where Zombie takes us. See the shots below.