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Rob Zombie's 'The Munsters': See Hilarious New Trailer for Upcoming Reboot

Writer-director shares full-length preview of "the greatest love story ever told"
The Munsters Rob Zombie trailer screen

For the last year, Rob Zombie has been hard at work fulfilling his lifelong dream of writing and directing a feature film reboot of the beloved 1960s monster sitcom, The Munsters. After trickling out behind-the-scene images of the set for months, last month, we were finally treated to the first official teaser-trailer of the movie, which showed the three main characters, Herman, Lilly and Grandpa Munster (played by Jeff Daniel Philips, Sherri Moon Zombie and Daniel Roebuck, respectively), making their grand entrances through the wall of their iconic, spooky house. 

It was an amusing first look, but it was only a minute long. Today (July 13th), Zombie has gifted us with the first full-length trailer of the movie, featuring tons of dialogue and a structured lowdown of what the film's story will entail. The narrator dubs it "the greatest love story ever told," and going by the hilarious scenes we see in this preview, it appears that the plot will follow Lilly and Herman Munster's unusual romance — and Grandpa's plan to put an end to it. 

As Zombie revealed previously, while he's best known for grisly horror flicks like House of 1000 Corpses, the Devil's Rejects and his remakes of Halloween, The Munsters will be a "PG" rated affair, so don't expect to see any gore or nudity in the trailer — just plenty of Zombie's stylized touch and campy humor. Watch it below via Instagram.