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See Axe-Wielding Nicolas Cage Slay Cultists in Gruesome 'Mandy' Trailer

Director Panos Cosmatos' latest action-thriller hits theaters September 14th

Nicolas Cage is the master of movie WTF moments. He's punched out middle-aged women while disguised as a bear, committed armed diaper heists, pissed great streams of fire, and stolen the Declaration of Independence — but his starring role in Panos Cosmatos' upcoming action-thriller, Mandy, just might be the wildest yet, as evidenced by its latest trailer.

Cage plays Red Miller, a broken man with a keen eye for blacksmithing. After a religious cult kidnaps the love of his life for nefarious, unspecified reasons, he goes on the warpath in typical Cage fashion, forging a badass axe, and spouting even more badass one-liners (asked what he plans to do with the weapon, he drawls, "I'm goin huntin'.") As an added treat, we get to see Cage hold his own in a fight against a chainsaw-wielding bad guy.

Mandy hits theaters September 14th. Besides Cage, the film's cast includes Andrea Riseborough, Linus Roache, Ned Dennehy, Olwen Fouéré, Richard Brake, Bill Duke and Sam Louwyk, among others.

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