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See Bloody Glimpse Into Mayhem's Backstory in First 'Lords of Chaos' Teaser

Feature film about '90s Norwegian black-metal scene arrives in February

Based on the controversial book of the same name, Lords of Chaos is a film that explores the dramatic early days of the Nineties Norwegian black metal scene. The first clip from the movie has dropped and the focus is all on Mayhem singer Dead, from his traumatic childhood to how his later obsession with death shaped his entire life. 

"As a child, he was bullied and beaten up so badly he actually died for a moment," says a mysterious narrator, "That moment came to define his whole existence." The clip jumps ahead to a teenage Dead holding up a bloodied roadkill fox, sniffing the rotting wounds before hoisting the animal's body in the air to impress his nearby friend who looks on in shock and glee. Cool tones and a chilling atmosphere provide the perfect backdrop to tell the story of black metal's bloody second wave in Norway.

"Based on truth and lies" (as the beginning of the clip states), Lords of Chaos will feature actors such as Rory Culkin as Mayhem founder Euronymous, Anthony De La Torre as the band's drummer Hellhammer, Sky Ferreira as Euronymous's girlfriend and photographer Ann-Marit, and Emory Cohen as the infamous Varg Vikernes, who went on to serve 14 year in prison for the murder of Euronymous. 

The movie will show at the Sundance Film Festival in New York City on January 23rd and receive a wider opening February 8th, with on-demand availability following February 22nd.