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See Bloody New 'The Punisher' Season 2 Trailer Set to Alice in Chains' "Would?"

Frank Castle is back — and so Billy Russo, as villain Jigsaw

Marvel's bloodiest and most brutal character The Punisher returns to Netflix for a second season of mayhem and violent retribution on January 18th, and now fans can view the official trailer featuring all the beatdowns, manhunts and betrayal they've awaited. 

The opening scene shows Frank Castle conversing with a young woman named Amy Bendix he's just saved from murder in a bar. Clips of the ruthless fight that went down in said venue are interspersed throughout the conversation as Bendix questions Castle on his true motivations, saying, "It's almost like you were happy for the excuse," in reference to the character's tendency toward savagery. His quick retort to the accusation is the question her true knowledge of the people out to harm her, asking, "Who are those people? ... I think you're hiding something." 

It's soon uncovered that Bendix suffered a similar tragedy as Castle — whose family was, of course, brutally slaughtered — as she tells him, "They killed everybody I've ever cared about. How do you think that feels?" Scenes from his backstory play out as the season's villain is introduced, Billy Russo a.k.a. Jigsaw, and the duo's dark past is teased in shifting scenes of evil planning and up-close combat between the two.

Throughout the (re)introduction to Jigsaw and The Punisher's past, strains from Alice in Chains classic "Would" swell. Bendix questions Castle in a voiceover, "What if Billy kills you?" to which the confident hero replies, "I'm not the one who dies, kid. I'm the one who does the killing." The song continues in a remixed pattern, mimicking the sound of the incessant shooting that plays out through the end.