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See Boisterous House Cats "Destroy Everything" In Viral Hatebreed Video

Nobody opens up this pit like a pissed-off feline

Any cat owner knows there are some inviolable rules concerning your pet's habits: They will scream if not fed on time, they will shit all over your life if you don't clean their litter box often enough, and they will break everything you own if they get the idea to do so on an unpredictable feline whim. So to pay tribute to those finicky yet precious creatures, animal lover Nes Hernandez created a fitting montage of cats knocking over both things and children, attacking faces, and literally climbing the walls set to Hatebreed's 2006 hardcore classic "Destroy Everything." The opening scene features footage of posed felines in "club" scenes pretending to be a concert audience before breaking into a gut-busting synced shot of the opening growl in time with a furry white boy absolutely taking out a toddler from a running leap. From there, the chaos continues to grow with short clips of captured footage where kittens and adult cats alike cause general mayhem and destruction. Watch above, and follow the video's closing prompts to adopt a shelter cat if you feel you want this kind of amusement in your daily life.