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See Chilling Dragon-Filled New 'Game of Thrones' Season 8 Trailer

Looks like all hell is about to break loose in beloved fantasy series' final season, coming to HBO on April 14th

The end of HBO's Game of Thrones is quickly approaching — and it looks like it's going to be a total firestorm. Today (March 5th), we get to see a first real look at what's coming on in the final jaunt around Westeros, and it does not look like it will disappoint.

The trailer features a collage of what's happening with the various characters, starting with a scene where Arya Stark is running from an unknown pursuer. Cersei Lannister looks sinister as ever, and someone who appears to be Jamie Lannister addresses the Greyjoy ship. The rest of the trailer teases the many different factions as they ready troops and say goodbyes to loved ones as the northern White Walker menace begin their slow creep into Westeros. Oh, and there's a ton of footage of Danaerys' dragons flying around, preparing to go wing to wing with that demon ice dragon seen at the end of season 7. It's going to get toasty, April 14.