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See Christmas Characters Meet Gory Ends in Life of Agony Bassist's Claymation Short

Alan Robert is back with another grisly adult coloring book

Life of Agony bassist and accomplished visual artist Alan Robert is back with the third installment in his series of horror-themed coloring books for adults, spawned from the original The Beauty of Horror: A GOREgeous Coloring Book. This latest installment, subtitled Ghosts of Christmas, is being teased now on with a claymation short that sees the books' undead heroine Ghouliana taking it to a host of beloved characters of the holiday season. Indeed, murderous elves hoist Santa Claus from his throne at the top of the North Pole hierarchy, before transforming him into a reindeer-slaughtering demon, hijacking the cheer of Christmas Eve. Robert created the clip in conjunction with animator Trent Shy, whose clay creations generally revolve around horror and music projects, including a recent nod to the upcoming Halloween. 

On working with Shy, Robert said, "When we were first discussing the project, we spent many nights laughing about the endless ways we were gonna torture Santa's reindeer and destroy his workshop. Our motto was, the bloodier the better. Trent's ability to take my 2D drawings and adapt them into the 3D space is truly mind-blowing. He really put his own creative stamp on it and created something visually stunning. It's like an R-rated homage to The Nightmare Before Christmas." Robert will be signing copies of his books at New York Comic Con this weekend, and his latest coloring book (out October 30th) is available for pre-order on Amazon.