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See Death-Metal Panda Aggretsuko's Furious Transformation in New Teaser Video

Second season of Hello Kitty company's cvlt show airs on Netflix next year

Aggretsuko — the adorable, metal-loving red panda created by Hello Kitty masterminds Sanrio — is headed back to Netflix. The streaming and kawaii-culture giants have confirmed a second season of the character's titular anime, slated to hit the platform sometime next year. They've also shared a teaser trailer for the coming batch of episodes, which sees Aggretsuko partaking in her preferred post-work activity: death-metal screaming.

For those of you who didn't catch the show the first time around, here's a brief synopsis: Aggretsuko follows the adventures of Retsuko, a red panda who copes with a dead-end office job by doing death-metal karaoke; during these performances, she transforms into her corpse-painted version alter ego (hence the show's title, a merger of "Aggressive" and "Retsuko.") At first, Retsuko takes great lengths to keep her cvlt identity a secret, lest her co-workers find out. But as the season goes on, she learns that there's nothing more important — or more metal — than being yourself.

Originally released in Japan in 2016, Aggretsuko's first season landed on Netflix on April 20th. As expected for an endearing office comedy starring a beer-drinking, head-banging, obnoxiously-cute millennial mammal, the show proved a huge success, surpassing Sanrio's wildest expectations. "I am pleasantly surprised to see how relatable Aggretsuko is to the audience outside of Japan," says Yeti, who created the critter back in 2015. "I wish to continue capturing your hearts with raging humor in the upcoming season."

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