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See Details of New Slipknot Masks in Still Frames From Teaser Video

Dedicated Maggots pull details from cryptic clip ahead of big reveal

Maggots are nothing if not dedicated, and since Slipknot dropped their latest teaser video — which appears to include fleeting glimpses of the Nine's new masks — the fine folks at fan site Slipknot Brasil have sliced and diced the clip, pulling out those sneak peeks so that all of us on Twitter can get a closer look at Corey, Clown and Co.'s soon-to-be-fully-unveiled visages. The images they've pulled showcase an array of horror-movie-ready details and textures: stitched-together-skin, biomechanical patterns, bolted lips, staring serial-killer eyes. If you weren't already eager to see the full, finished results, these sneak peeks should take you over the edge. We're particularly curious about Corey Taylor's new mask, which was created by legendary special FX makeup artist Tom Savini (Taylor shared candid shots of the process back in February). Judging from what Savini's team recently produced for the WWE's Bray Wyatt, Maggots have something horrifying and wonderful coming to them on Thursday — if the counter on the official Slipknot website, which runs to and stops at the number "0516," a.k.a. this Thursday, May 16th — is to be believed. Until then ...