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See 'Devil's Rejects' Star Play Immortal, Child-Eating Clown in 'Crepitus' Trailer

Cult horror icon Bill Moseley chews up screen in titular role

Best known to horror/metal crossover fans as Otis B. Driftwood from the Rob Zombie–directed films The Devil's Rejects and House of a Thousand Corpses, cult icon Bill Moseley takes the shape of a nightmare-inducing evil clown for his latest role, one who craves the flesh of children and has the unhinging jaw to prove it. In the trailer for Crepitus, a family of young daughters are terrified of their abusive mother and are forced to live in their dead grandfather's decrepit home. Upon discovering chilling family secrets, they now must live among the ghosts who haunt the house, but — even worse — Crepitus, the cannibal clown, takes a special interest in them. 

The B-movie shooting style and exaggerated drama of Moseley's clownish performance are wholly on-brand for his resume in the cult horror world. X-shaped scars carved into the protagonist's forehead provide an almost-campy element, while special effects that enhance Crepitus' expanding jaw and rows of sharp teeth keep the mood from delving too far into flippant jest. The titular character's macabre monologue delivered in a deadpan Bozo voice reveals his intentions to eat the children, and the closing scene shows Moseley's cracked paint-covered face spewing the bloody remnants of some human organ and he cackles ghoulishly and the scene fades to dark. 

The Spooky Empire Film Festival will debut the film tonight (October 26th) in Orlando, Florida. Look for it to make the festival rounds over the next few months and, hopefully for interested clown horror fans, details will emerge on a wider release.