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See First Stills From Glenn Danzig's Directorial Debut 'Verotika'

Now in post-production, the horror movie promises to be an R-rated visual feast
glenn danzig OCKENFELS 2018, Frank Ockenfels 3
Glenn Danzig, 2018
photograph by Frank Ockenfels 3

Now that preproduction for the movie is nearly complete, Glenn Danzig has shared stills from his directorial debut, Verotika, a film set to share with the world Evil Elvis' cinematic vision. The photos feature three scenes presumably taken from the anthology film's trifecta of stories: One sees a topless woman shot from the back gazing eerily into a mirror in a darkened room, the second is a horrifying look at some grotesque monster pulling back the facial skin of what appears to be a complacent captive, and the final shows a spike-crowned Queen in a mesh headdress angrily wielding a knife in one hand while holding the hair of a dead-eyed young lady in her other. 

In an interview with Revolver last year, Danzig explained the project a bit. "I'm finally getting to direct my own movie and no one's going to tell me how to do it. It's one of the reasons I'm doing it with [CEO] Brian Perera and Cleopatra Records," he explains. "He's like, 'I want you to have your vision.' Who's going to tell you that? I've had so many meetings with places that are just going to step all over my movie and then people are going to judge me and it's not even my movie. So I'm pretty happy." 

The prolific musician also promised the movie would stay true to his established aesthetic and will include "a lot of the stuff I love ... shadowy stuff, gore and all of it." He added, "I'm not doing anything other than an R movie. I like boobs and blood." Fittingly then, the cast includes adult film star Kayden Kross in a prominent role. 

Verotika will be based on the output of Danzig's long-running adult-themed comic-book publishing company Verotik, founded in 1994. A portmanteau of the words "violence" and "erotic," the company grew out of Danzig's lifelong love of comic books and has already inspired one film, the pornographic 2006 movie Grub Girl about a zombie sex worker who uses her newfound undead status to exact revenge on her abusive pimp.