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See Ghost Spoof 'The Shining' in Bizarre "Chapter 7: New World Redro" Video

Cardinal Copia, Papa Zero, Sister Imperator appear in fun new episode, inspired by mastermind Tobias Forge's favorite horror movie

With Prequelle's third single "Faith" making the rounds on rock radio and a full-scale North American tour set to follow their current European run with Metallica, Swedish theatrical occult rockers Ghost have released another installment of their ongoing web series, this one titled "Chapter 7: New World Redro." 

The four-minute clip is a playful spoof on Stanley Kubrick's iconic film interpretation of Stephen King novel The Shining and stars Papa Emeritus in the role of Jack while Cardinal Copia plays Danny, who, in typical trouble-making fashion, annoys Papa by scooting around the halls of the sanctuary on a tricycle. After Papa catches himself hallucinating Sister Imperator and spelling out subconscious murderous messages on his typewriter, Copia sees a pair of dead twin girls who invite him to come play then disappear without warning. 

The heavy-handed interpretation of the film is in keeping with what Ghost frontman and creative force Tobias Forge told Revolver about his favorite horror movies late last year. "I'd say this is the best horror film ever made," he claimed of the 1980 tale of madness and isolation. "There's something about the Overlook Hotel — it's frightening and huge, yes, but there's still something about it that seems very hospitable."

Ghost will finish up their opening spot with Metallica on July 21st in Russia before making a quick jaunt across the Atlantic to perform at Heavy Montreal in late July. Following a handful of European dates right after, the band will be back for a series of arena shows kicking off in Bakersfield, California on Friday, September 13th. Find a full list of tour dates here