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See Hilarious 'Silicon Valley' Scene Featuring Napalm Death's "You Suffer"

Band's classic 'Scum' cut supplies punch line to recurring Bitcoin-related gag

British grindcore greats Napalm Death had multiple musical cameos on HBO's startup-centric comedy Silicon Valley last night, April 9th. The stalwarts' classic song "You Suffer" played several times throughout the episode as part of a Bitcoin-related gag involving Gilfoyle, one of the show's developer-slash-protagonists. Much to the chagrin of his metal-averse coworkers, Gilfoyle techie uses the 1.316-second-long ripper as an alarm to notify him whenever Bitcoin prices fall. Needless to say, it keeps everyone on their toes. Below, watch the scene in which "You Suffer" first makes its appearance, courtesy of Metalsucks.

Napalm Death aren't the first grindcore group to appear in an HBO comedy series: D.C. filth-peddlers Magrudergrind made an uncredited cameo on a 2012 episode of Veep, performing as a extreme metal band so brutal, they "don't even have a name" — relive that hilarious moment below.

UPDATE: The Icelandic website design agency Viska has replicated Gilfoyle's alert with a new website that — you guessed it — plays Napalm Death's "You Suffer" whenever bitcoin prices break a certain threshold. "We actually follow the bitcoin price quite a lot and playing beautiful music each time it passes a certain amount makes the day better," the company's Sindri Guðmundsson told The Verge of the program. That's certainly one way to put it.