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See Hodor From 'Game of Thrones' Talk Video Games With Korn, Alice in Chains, More

Metalhead actor Kristian Nairn was on a 'World of Warcraft' rampage at France's Hellfest

Actor Kristian Nairn — best known for playing Hodor on HBO's "Game of Thrones" — had the backstage experience of a lifetime last month at Clisson, France's Hellfest Open Air, cranking out the riff to Megadeth's song "Holy Wars... The Punishment Due" with the Big Four thrashers themselves. His metal-related adventures at the festival didn't stop there. Nairn also had the opportunity to geek out with members of Korn, Alice in Chains, In this Moment, and others about World of Warcraft, the iconic online RPG video game; discuss music with Bullet for My Valentine, and much more, as seen in a new video recap of the actor's Hellfest experience.

Given Korn frontman Jonathan Davis' long-established gamer status — he takes multiple Xbox One consoles on the road with him whenever the band go on tour, for Satan's sake — it should come as no surprise that his part of the interview is one of the clip's biggest highlights. "I've played a lot," the singer explained proudly. "I had my own guild called "Children of the Korn" on the [Ogre-affiliated] Stonemaul server." Asked to name the character class he identifies with the most, he responded, "I feel like a tank, because I take a lot of shit emotionally and physically on the road — although I'd like to be a mage because I'd like to be able to cast spells and do cool shit, too." Agreed.