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See 'IT' Star Bill Skarsgård Teach Colbert to Grin Like Pennywise

Late night host pulls out his best killer clown impression in hilarious interview segment

IT Chapter Two star Bill Skarsgård — he plays Pennywise himself — is making the publicity rounds to promote the newly released horror sequel. A recent sit-down on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert saw the doe-eyed Swedish actor pull out his creepy talents when he attempted to teach the intrigued host how to contort his face into the iconic killer clown smile he wears in his murderous role.

Describing the character as "a little bit hyena, a little bit grizzly bear," Skarsgård details the mouth shape he wanted when acting out the ghoulish freak. Colbert interjects, "Can you teach me how to do the face?" To which Skarsgård leans in the respond, "I can try."

The actor then gives a shout out to his brother Gustav who "coined the smile." He also reveals that outside of himself and his brother, approximately 80 percent of the Skarsgård clan can actually emulate the spine-chilling expression. Dropping his bottom mouth low and curved while pulling his cheeks up, he shows the audience what they've been waiting for while Colbert starts to look intimidated by his task at hand before confidently taking off his glasses and giving it his all in a different but similarly upsetting look. See the full clip above to laugh, and feel slightly uncomfortable, at the two men's unnerving antics.