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See Jason Momoa Impersonate Ozzy in Fun New 'Ordinary Man' Teaser

'Aquaman' goes Ozzman

When he isn't starring in big-budget fantasy movies and shows like Aquaman and See, Jason Momoa loves few things more than rocking out to heavy metal just like the rest of us. He's taken his kids to Slayer's final show, sang onstage with Philip Anselmo and repped Pantera in an anti-plastics PSA. Now, he stars in a new teaser video for the heavy-metal godfather himself, Ozzy Osbourne, and plays the role of Prince of the Darkness with characteristic high energy. The clip, which arrives alongside Ozzy's latest solo album, Ordinary Man, opens with a mysterious cloaked figure striding down a creepy hallway straight out of Hostel. Seizing the microphone that stands at the end of the hall, the figure flips back his hood to reveal none other than Momoa, his fingers clad in Ozzy's signature clutch of rings. The actor thrashes and sings along to the new song "Scary Little Green Men" and even appears to bite the head off a bat in a homage to one of the Prince of Darkness' most notorious antics. Watch above. Ordinary Man is out now.