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See Jesse Eisenberg's Sensei Tell Him to Listen to Metal in 'The Art of Self-Defense'

An exclusive clip from new dark comedy also starring Allessandro Nivola

Coming this Friday, July 12th, in limited release and July 19th nationwide, The Art of Self-Defense is cracked up to be one of the year's most hilarious dark comedies. The film stars Zombieland's Jesse Eisenberg as Casey, a wimpy guy who seeks the help of a local martial arts school, led by Alessandro Nivola's Sensei, after a run-in with a violent bike gang. One of the movie's most appealing plot points for headbanging music fans comes when Nivola's character reveals a particularly important aspects of becoming a "sharpened blade": an avid interest in heavy metal. 

In the exclusive clip premiering above, the two main actors are seen in the martial arts teacher's office, Sensei perched high on his desk gazing down at the uncertain student. Casey sits attentively as his new instructor inquires, "What's your favorite style of music?" The timid pupil answers, "Adult contemporary?" A subtly disgusted Sensei abruptly quips back, "No. It should be metal." Indeed.

When Casey confuses metal for hard rock, Sensei doesn't take it lightly and insists that his pupil change his listening habits immediately. "It's the toughest music there is," Nivola's character explains. "What about hobbies? Is there anything you're particularly passionate about, other than your newfound passion for metal?" 

Check out the full theatrical trailer below; it shows Casey ultimately embracing Sensei's advice by going straight for Maryland death-grind terrorizers Full of Hell and scaring a nearby family in the process. Find tickets and show times near you on the film's official site