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See Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry Rack Up Kills in Insane New 'John Wick 3' Trailer

Conclusion of action trilogy features ninjas, knife fights and plenty of firepower

Poised to escape bounty hunters who have it out for him and his vengeance-seeking ways, Keanu Reeves character John Wick is back with another peek at what will surely be one of the bloodiest, most action-packed films of the year: John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum.

With the declaration that "Mr. Wick broke the rules" by a character known simply as The Adjudicator, it becomes obvious Wick will have to fight harder than ever to kill off the people after him or suffer the consequences of his decade-spanning bloodshed. When Halle Berry's opulently robed character catches Wick in her apartment, she alerts him, "You shouldn't be here" and shoots directly for his bullet-proof suit. "Nice to see you, too," responds the gunslinger before admitting he needs help. 

Anjelica Houston then enters the scene, warning Wick he will not be able to escape his own death now that the "high table" wants him dead. Montages of the suited super-killer appear throughout, with all the impressive kill scenes featuring knives, guns and raw violent beating show Wick won't go without a fight, no matter it costs him. When Houston's character asks, "All of this for what? Because of a puppy?" Wick coldly responds, "It wasn't just a puppy."

Catch John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum when it hits theaters May 17th.